September 30, 2014
Transformation and a new market opportunity of metropolitan


A city continually adapts to a new environment and opportunity and becomes a massive Metropolitan to exert a huge influence as a city. A Metropolitan experiences a high level of growth compared to its existing country’s economy. By observing these obvious facts, we know that the Metropolitan consistently creates new opportunities and possibilities. The Metropolitan is always the first to moves and shows the outcome results. If we can find out the opportunities and possibilities the Metropolitan creates before others, may we be able to create a new business opportunity first?

We wish to find out the opportunity of a new market in the future through the growth process and current situation of the Metropolitan.



The Metropolitan possess a virtuous circulation structure in which the population and the economy continually grow with the increase in infra structure and benefits. In a Metropolitan where lots of people are gathered around, the infra structure and benefits naturally expands and this increase leads to gathering more people. This sort of growth creates more opportunities and possibilities and for those seizing this can create new business models.
The Metropolitan consistently changes and grows with this sort of cycle and the core driving force that moves this has changed over the generations.

Up until recently, the growth of the Metropolitan has had a lot of influence from facilities, social services and technologies. But now, we are experiencing a new era where we need to view the Metropolitan in a different angle. The people of the modern times are exchanging different people of different races, cultures by moving in and out of the different Metropolitans. The influence of globalization and the IT technology is a big part in increasing the pace of this phenomenon but the new technology is not the only reason for this change. The core reason behind this is the change in the lifestyle people are striving towards in their lives.



People are moving in and out of different Metropolitan because they want a better Quality of Life for themselves. Whilst they move in and out, they meet new people, new culture and new lifestyles of the different Metropolitan. By experiencing the new world through the different meetings, each individual’s rather limited source of values and opportunities has exponentially increased. The values and opportunities that spring out from this sort of environment is not that of a functional one but of a lifestyle and culture for a bountiful and joyful life. The Metropolitan is moving towards a lifestyle that is about increasing one’s quality of life through cultural activities and environment that goes beyond survival and just living.

The core driving force behind the growth of the modern Metropolitan is the Quality of Life.


Then what key factors of the ‘Quality of Life’ create these new business opportunities? The modern people want a 24/7 style of life. It is about how to enjoy the 7 days life cycle including the weekend and one of the key factors in this culture is consumption. Especially most of the weekend life is taken up by consumption. People want to go to a city that has restaurants where they can enjoy a relaxing Sunday evening and they want to live in a city where they can enjoy various shops and shopping malls during their weekend afternoons. The consuming life is the easiest way to increase their quality of life.
The market opportunity we have found in the Metropolitan is a consumption orientated Retail. We have to understand that now the retail is not just about selling and buying products nor is it just about branding a space but a key factor in allowing people to experience a variety of Lifestyle and culture in a 7 days life cycle to increase their ‘Quality of Life’.
Also the market opportunities of the Metropolitan can inversely reveal the changing direction of the city’s development. People want to live and to go to a city that can provide them with a 7 days life culture that increases their quality of life. The differentiated Retail of a city is a very important factor in the development of a city and it needs a strategic approach.

With our various experiences and integrated analysis, Genesis Group creates new Retail concepts and business models in a totally new point of view.

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