Water Crisis Is Looming…


A human body and the earth are both made up of 70% water. However, out of that only 2.5% is fresh water, and within this if we exclude iceberg, permanent snow, underground water and other lakes only 0.0086% is fresh water. Korea’s annual precipitation is approximately 300mm higher than the worldwide average, but is considered water-stressed country due to the high population density that cannot provide enough usable water per person.Needs increase the speed of discovering new resources. Deep ocean water exists 200m below sea level where hardly any sunlight reaches it. It is well known for its clean and mineral filled fresh water and has been the centre of attention as an alternative solution for water-stress and pollution as ‘The gift from the deep’ or the ‘21st century’s best new resources’.



new branding is new marketAlthough Deep ocean water received high interest in Korea, unlicensed exploiting companies and the rush of corporate companies pushed the market into an already dominated area. In our opinion, the biggest problem and an opportunity is that the issue was focused only towards the Deep ocean water itself and no attention was given to what value it was not giving to the customers.

Even if the resource is of utmost importance, if Branding is not done properly, it cannot have a value bigger than in its original raw material state. There is certainly a big difference in the asset value of the raw material and the asset value of how it is recognised as a brand to the consumer. Also as a raw material itself, it cannot approach the consumer easily therefore branding is an essential must.




New Concept is Drinking Crystal

We put our emphasis on dissolving the characteristics, benefits and values of Deep ocean water subtly into the Brand in the water business. The natural ingredients alive in the Deep ocean water area are like precious gem to the human body. The crystal image within the Identity and the crystal shape on the bottle visualise the characteristics of the Deep ocean water. With no sunlight reaching the water, the colours black and deep blue reflected the depth of the living minerals inside the water.